The mission of Access Church is to access the life God has for us through the 5 A’s of Access:

Accept the gift God has for you (salvation)

Articulate your response to God (worship)

Absorb the Word (discipleship)

Ask your friends and family to join you (witnessing)

Amplify your walk with God (relationship)


The vision of Access Church is to be a church that cares for the unchurched.

Core Values

These are our 10 core values:

  1. Jesus is everything.
  2. Be the light
  3. We are a house of prayer & worship
  4. We are strong & unashamed
  5. We are diverse
  6. We show love
  7. We are a part of our community
  8. We show unity
  9. We are always learning
  10. We get out of God’s way